Book-Cover-Interview-Intervention-turned-rightOur CEO, Andrew LaCivita, created this book series aimed at helping employers and employees become successful in their businesses and careers.

The series, which started in March 2012 with the inaugural Interview Intervention: Communication That Gets You Hired, spawned months of media publicity surrounding its goal of restoring balance to the employment market.

Although the book is currently being sold in over 50 countries, LaCivita is more interested in helping people make better, more informed decisions regarding their careers. He demonstrates this through his willingness to give the book gratis to anyone who wants it. You are welcome to join the more than 50,000 people who have taken advantage of the offer. Click on the Interview Intervention book above to get your free copy!

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The-hiring-prophecies-book-cover-comp-Turned-Right--3-2015In 2015’s release, The Hiring Prophecies: Psychology Behind Recruiting Successful Employees encapsulates milewalk’s ten-year study, which included more than ten thousand employees and two hundred companies.

The goal was to surface the hidden reasons why employers have difficulty hiring and retaining the top talent and build a recruitment methodology to overcome those challenges.

These unique milewalk techniques found in The Hiring Prophecies have received accolades from the Human Resources and Recruiting community and are now sought by various HR bodies such as The Institute for Human Resources, which in 2013 began including the milewalk techniques as part of their Quality of Hire certification credits.

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