scroll-aealize this—if you are interviewing with a company, there is a great likelihood you are qualified for the job.

Through the mere action of conducting the interview, the employer essentially implies this. Why else would it spend time and energy to evaluate you if it didn’t think you were qualified? So why is it difficult to secure the job you love? Because there are three reasons you actually get the job—none of which are your qualifications—and, unfortunately, you can only control one of them.

Interview Intervention creates awareness of these undetected reasons that not only pose difficulty for the job-seeker but also permeate to the interviewer, handicapping the employer’s ability to evaluate and secure the best talent. It teaches interview participants to use effective interpersonal communication techniques aimed at overcoming these obstacles.



will become your


guide to:

Create self-awareness to ensure you understand the job you want before—not after—the fact.

Conduct research to surface critical employer information.

Improve your interpersonal communication techniques.

Develop a connection with the interviewer to gain benefit of the doubt.

Share compelling stories that include the six key qualities that make them believable and memorable.

Respond successfully to the fourteen most effective interview questions.

Sell yourself and gather intelligence through effective question asking.

Close the interview to ensure the interviewer wants to hire you.

Ensure success with accepting the employment offer.

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While I wasn’t looking for advice on interviewing for a new job for myself (even though there is fantastic information in there), I picked up Interview Intervention for some tips on interviewing potential candidates for my team. What I was surprised to find is that there are extremely valuable tips in this book for Sales Professionals working in a B2B setting. After all, when you are making a sales presentation to a potential customer, they are essentially interviewing you as a candidate for a major position in their organization. They are trying to see if your product or service can meet their needs, but more importantly if YOU are the right fit for them. — Jason E. Scarsi

I’ve read a number of interview books and conducted many hundreds of interviews as a hiring manager. This is hands-down the best book on interviewing I’ve read. The author clearly articulates many important parts of the process that most people don’t think of, including knowing what you’re looking for in a position. The theory and practice of interviewing is backed up with specific, concrete examples from his industry experience. —Michael A. Atkinson

Interview Intervention fills the reader with a great feeling, similar to providing you an extra degree of confidence that you are in a great position to succeed in the interview. The author’s tone is casual, uplifting, and never condescending. It’s like you’re having a conversation with a friend who wants to help you. The tactics are sensational and really give you a prescriptive approach. —Anne

This book was insightful and well written, yet handy and not overly verbose. A great guide for anyone lost in the jungle of job seeking. LaCivita has obvious real world knowledge and presents his information in a concise way. Highly recommended! —Caitlin DeLong

This book not only provides a down-to-earth approach to the interview process, but it is a quick read that doesn’t get caught up in itself. LaCivita has a definite knack for getting to the heart of the matter by utilizing a realistic approach that gives the reader confidence and motivation to get the job. I can’t wait to read his next book! —Gia Ormond

Interview intervention is a great must-read for anyone in the hiring food chain. This topic is easy to dumb down but the author’s gift to us readers is that he handles it intelligently with easy-going prose, spot-on quotes and references, the right amount of wit, and personal stories that enlighten. I got a job at about the time I finished reading this and used what I learned while I was hunting for my next role. I probably could have helped myself a bit more with my package and exit strategy had I started reading a little sooner in the process. Kudo’s to the author!!! —Jimdaddy

The author is familiar with both sides of the equation so it is helpful for the interviewer and the interviewee. It is a great way to prepare for an interview. You will be ready to tackle any questions thrown your way. Highly recommended and very quick read. —cdub

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PAGES: 136 pages
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