milewalk supports small to large companies across various positions including C-Level Executives, Business Developers, Operational Leaders, Client Servicers, Technologists, Marketing Executives, Financial Professionals, Human Resources Executives, and Recruiters.

We understand each organization’s needs are unique. To most effectively respond to those needs, we customize our services to best accommodate the situation.


Based on your request, we evaluate the need, locate the best candidates, and qualify them to ensure we present the most ideal candidates. We work with you throughout the entire process through offer acceptance. You pay an agreed amount only if you hire the candidate.


If there is a greater sense of urgency or an unusually difficult position to fill, this is an attractive option because it ensures the highest level of dedication to your search. We establish a fee structure upfront and collect portions of the fee throughout the search based on schedule, progress, and final results.


Some clients like us to be fully integrated because their needs are constant and dynamic. In such situations, we offer a type of “retained” arrangement which includes monthly operating costs and reduced ongoing contingent fees. This is popular with smaller to mid-size organizations who are growing rapidly.