“I have full confidence is milewalk’s ability to find us the best talent. They have proven to us time and time again that they truly understand our business and our culture and have found us several candidates that have been perfect fits. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Andy and entire milewalk team for years to come!”
– Beth Cabrera, Human Resources Manager, National Consulting Company

“milewalk has been an instrumental partner in helping us expand our global services organization. They not only help secure exceptional talent, but also provide outstanding customer service and act as a strategic partner. I recall a memorable experience… shortly after we determined we needed a Vice President-level employee to develop and execute our global sourcing strategy, we called Andy LaCivita the day before a holiday weekend and he met with us offsite the very next day to discuss the position. A handful of weeks later, we secured a fantastic employee that is adding tremendous value. This is one of the many situations where milewalk has helped us grow our global services organization.”
– Kristin Hackney, VP Global Services & Solutions Global Software Company

“Andy LaCivita has always been a pleasure to do business with. He truly understands our business and what we are looking to achieve as our company evolves. It is great to work with someone who understands the role and the business, and has worked as a practitioner on the client side. Andy has been instrumental in helping us build our world class Professional Services organization.”
– Mary Godee, Director Worldwide Recruiting Global Software Company

“milewalk has been an incredible partner and Andy LaCivita’s ability to find the right talent has amazed me. He has taken the time to understand our company culture and is able to find candidates that will fit seamlessly into that culture. Our executive and recruiting teams consider milewalk one of our strongest partners. We openly solicit and value Andy’s feedback as he helps bring us the best in class talent. We look forward to continuing our partnership with him and milewalk.”
– Vito Fiore, Director of Recruitment Global Consulting Company

“As we began our search to find a VP of Sales, we turned to milewalk. From the beginning, it was clear that milewalk’s approach was different. By engaging in an open dialog to understand our company, culture, and position requirements, milewalk was able to quickly identify a fantastic candidate who we ultimately hired.”
– RJ Reimers, VP National Practices Global Consulting Company

“After months of searching for a VP & Managing Director to establish our Chicago office, we turned to milewalk for help. I was very impressed that Andy LaCivita took the time to truly understand what we needed and what our organization was about before beginning the search. He did a great job of listening. It was no surprise to me that we hired the first candidate milewalk presented.”
– Dave Rosevelt, CEO National Consulting Company

“In my opinion, Andy is the most responsive and trustworthy professional I have met in the recruiting industry. He has come through for Slalom Consulting on countless occasions and I attribute the positive growth we’ve experienced over the past few years to the key hires milewalk has made for our team in Chicago and nationwide…milewalk to me means trust and speed. Andy quickly came up to speed on our business and hiring needs and executed with perfection. As the market gets more competitive, I trust milewalk to find the top candidates. milewalk is the only team I can turn to who truly understands our business.”
– Steve Winchester, VP National Recruiting National Consulting Company

“Andy LaCivita is truly amazing. One thing that makes him different from other recruiters is that he actually gets to know his clients and his candidates in order to make the perfect match. He also consistently follows through, which makes the recruiting process much easier since he always ensures every detail is handled. I highly recommend him to any firm, particularly those in the professional services arena in search of top talent. He will find exactly who you need!”
– Kerry Heiple, Managing Director National Consulting Company

“We have a high level of trust with milewalk that we have not found with the several other recruiting firms we have worked with during our company’s history. Their ability to help us secure candidates who truly fit both our business needs and culture is an incredible value. We look forward to a continued relationship with milewalk in the years to come.”
– Liz Anderson, VP of Business Solutions National Consulting Company

“When we engaged milewalk, I was extremely impressed with their search evaluation process. It was aimed not only at eliciting the key information they needed to conduct a successful search, but also helped ensure we were in complete alignment regarding the type of resources we needed.”
– Aaron Howell, Product Consulting Director Global Software Company

“We needed an assessment of our sales executive compensation program. We turned to milewalk for help. I felt Andy LaCivita had great subject matter expertise and was most impressed with his ability to get a lot of information in a very short period of time. I also very much enjoyed watching him handle some “strong” personalities with aplomb and steering important conversations. We very much appreciated his quick and highly professional response to our need.”
– Jo Jackson, CFO National Consulting Company