We use a proprietary search evaluation process that has led to overwhelming efficiency in recruitment and highly effective employee retention.

This process is statistically 233% more effective than the average for professional recruiters. Greater than 70% of the more than 110 clients we’ve served during the history of our company, have hired the first job candidate we have submitted. We stand by this process, which has served as a successful consultative aid to ensure successful recruitment.

Search Areas—The process is broken into five major areas—Company, Role, Job Candidate, Situational Analysis, and Interviewing Approach—and contains twenty-five sub items. It is designed to help ensure you and we understand whom you seek.

Quantitative Assessment—It is capped with a ten-area quantitative assessment to provide us statistical guidance based on your job candidate search requirements. We share this quantitative assessment with you to help guide your decisions.

Differentiators—This assessment, combined with our differentiated measures, which leverage predictive techniques, experienced practitioners, strong network, and complete candidate screening, is what ultimately has lead to our strong track record.

Candidate Alignment—For more information regarding the areas of candidate evaluation, including Matching, Decision-Making, and Communication, see the Candidate Profiling Process in the Job Candidates section.