“It has been a great pleasure working with you and the milewalk team. With your assistance I was able to learn additional tools for my profession and consider what truly is important when seeking a new career opportunity. Reading your book provided me a better understanding of what questions I should expect to be asked, why these questions are asked and a much better perspective in seeing what is important for me and my family short term and long term. The coaching you provided added confidence in my decision in choosing the right company that I have transitioned to recently. I’ve joined a consulting firm that has a great culture, who appreciate my efforts and consider me as part of their professional team. Thank you very much for all your help and guidance.”
– Maybelyn H. Plecic

“Andy has developed an innovative, effective and refreshing approach to recruiting. His first focus is understanding what is important to the candidate and only then working to find the right career opportunity. In addition to his unique approach Andy is also dedicated to ensuring candidates are confident and prepared to succeed throughout the recruiting, interviewing and decision making process. I recommend Andy to motivated job seekers and also to employers seeking quality candidates.”
– Tim Mila

“What I appreciate most about Andy is his drive to understand the hiring process for companies and prospective employees. He doesn’t play the odds but instead makes introductions that are in the best interest of both parties which leads to an efficient use of time and successful hires. In conjunction, I found Andy to be personable and believe he maintained a high level of professionalism and communication from inception through employment. Lastly, I feel he perpetually seeks to improve the success of his clients and consider his drive to be inspirational.”
– Jonathan Eckert

“I highly recommend Andy for your recruitment needs. He is unique not only because he is extremely knowledgeable and insightful about the recruitment business. He is also more helpful and easier to work with than any other recruiters I’ve dealt with before. He makes my job so easy! He has been a great resource for me and hopefully he can do the same for you.”
– Patrick Man

“From day one, Andy has been open, honest and direct with me while working tirelessly to assess my desire for a career jumpstart. Andy understands the underlying motivating factors for career growth and success and has been an invaluable resource in current career path.”
– Steven Tabak

“Andy is phenomenal to work with when thinking about a career move. He differentiated himself as he understood from both a work and growth perspective of what I was looking for, as he lived it. Establishing that connection was important for me, as he could relate to where I was to not just find a job, but an ideal career. In addition, his books served as a guide to me as they were informative throughout the interview process even though some were foreign to me (i.e. thank you letters). Thanks Andy for all of your help!”
– Dan Gibbar

“milewalk is nothing like what I have heard about recruiters and recruiting. Their sincerity is something that is rarely seen in today’s corporate world. milewalk has a genuine care for the people they represent and the organizations they collaborate with for career placement.”
– John Berry

“I have had the pleasure of working with milewalk as both a hiring manager and a job seeker. Put simply, Andy LaCivita is a great recruiter. Many things separate milewalk from the rest of the pack. However, I believe Andy’s greatest skill is his ability to understand the importance of culture. On paper there may be multiple good matches for a position when you assess skills, experience, etc. Andy is a master at understanding which actual human being out of that group will be the right match for a particular organization. I believe this ability to dig deeper and understand what makes an individual tick is one of milewalk’s keys to success.”
– Patrick Payne

I worked with Andy before he opened milewalk. More recently, we reengaged as he recruited me from my last employer. His level of professionalism has not diminished one bit, and his business acumen had increased exponentially. Andy was directly responsible for landing me in my current position, which is the job of a lifetime, and I am forever grateful for his help and I truly consider him a trusted advisor. Andy has demonstrated to me time and time again that he truly “gets it” when it comes to successfully conducting business in today’s complex and global market place. “
– Terrence Tyler

“Andy has considerably shown more depth than any recruiter I’ve worked with in understanding what I was looking for and how my background and experiences shaped my desires for a new role. Also, his connections in Chicago are first-rate. Whether you are a candidate or an employer, once skills are identified, you can be sure that Andy will work hard to ensure that there is a good cultural match, which is key to long-term success. I highly recommend his services.”
– Dan Souk

“Andy is the only recruiter I have ever engaged with. His professionalism and passion for his work shows in the way he interacted with me and helped me find my current position. The job was exactly what I was looking for and then some. He was very keen on ensuring that the job he helps me attain is exactly what I am looking for, is right for me and that aligns with my career goals.”
– Nilay Doshi

“Andy and his team at milewalk are a breath of fresh air in the IT recruiting world. His hands-on approach has really helped change my perception towards IT recruiters towards the positive. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached in the past only to be disappointed by their offering (way off target), their professionalism or their responsiveness. Andy and Kara knocked all three of those attributes out of the park and I really appreciated that. I highly recommend working with milewalk!”
– Duane McElvain

“I have worked with Andrew on a few senior leadership opportunities in the past few years. Andrew is a business professional who brings a thorough, balanced and pragmatic insight into the opportunity. He shares his well rounded perspective and acts as a great advocate, coach for the candidate and is an effective mediator between parties to come to an optimum mutually beneficial outcome for his clients and the candidates. For clients, he provides top-tier access to exemplary candidates. For candidates, he helps maximize their value and perception of their value to the client. I would work with Andrew any day for any of my future leadership resource needs.”
– Sri Navalpakkam

“Andy provided excellent guidance and coaching as I prepared to seek new job opportunities. Andy found and placed me at an organization that fit with my career path and goals. It was a pleasure working with Andy and have recommended him to several colleagues.”
– Brian Goonan

“Andy possesses a high level of professionalism. He is a very dedicated and focused recruiter who will go the extra mile. He has a keen insight to the market-place and offers sound business coaching and advice.”
– James Cho

“Andy is a creative and hard-working recruiter who really has walked a mile in the consultant’s shoes. His industry knowledge and contacts have been invaluable throughout my search. Andy has been direct, honest, professional and someone who is really on the candidate’s side.”
– Nick Camino

“My entire experience with milewalk was smooth and structured. I knew exactly what is going to happen next. Andy’s approach is very personal. I have never seen anything like it. I was very satisfied and amazed at the same time.”
– Mikhail Kogan