3 Things to Do When You Don’t Have a Mentor

You can outsource many things in your life, but your career is not one of them. Go out into the world. Try. Make mistakes. Learn. Repeat. The lessons you learn by doing will be more beneficial than those lived vicariously. Of course, mentors can be extremely helpful assuming you have the right ones. Whether you are looking for a mentor or not, tapping into these resources will ensure you stay sharp, current, and motivated.

How to Answer the Greatest Weakness Job Interview Question

You can admit it. Your stomach does rollercoaster maneuvers when you get the greatest weakness question in a job interview. I realize there are many job interviewers who think this question yields valuable information. I would rather learn how you could add value to the company. That contribution is more telling than

In 4 Minutes Become the Most Memorable Job Candidate

I’ve coached many people in my lifetime. Some call me spooky (I’m not). Others call me prescient (maybe). Some say they trust me completely and will do whatever I advise (I’m flattered). That flattery likely comes from the fact they remember me. Nothing more. You can certainly debate whether my advice was