DIY Happiness

Great Marital Advice Based on 1,076 Years of Marriage

As I approach my wedding day, I asked my friends for their best marital advice. Here's what 67 people with combined 1,076 years of marriage experience had to share. I'm sure you won't want to miss Apologies Have Bigger Muscles Than Being Right, Pretend Your Spouse is Your Dog, Polygamy is Apparently Legal Everywhere, You Get Amnesia the Moment You Get Married, Make Sure You’re an Ace with Pronouns and much more!

10 Life-Changing Ways to Happiness

Achieving and maintaining happiness is the #1 thing every human wants. So why is it so difficult? IT'S NOT! Life challenges and distracts us from the fundamentals of happiness how-to. "What is" is what’s supposed to be. Otherwise, it wouldn't be. Acceptance can be simple. Learn the 9 other simple tactics...