Does Your Company Pay for Performance?

In an environment of lean workforces and overworked employees, companies face significant challenges keeping their staff motivated. This is a special concern as it relates to top performers. Employers simply cannot afford to lose them. To address these issues, many leading companies are transforming themselves into "Pay for Performance” organizations. The concept

Does Your Company Job Post and Pray? Learn How to Hire Top Talent!

In March 2014, milewalk distributed the results from our annual employment survey. One statistic we capture annually is the percentage of individuals who are open to changing jobs (80.0% this year—although this has been consistent for a number of consecutive years). The more alarming rate for employers is the percentage of employees who

Optimize Your Hiring Practices to Predict Success

The following article was written by Andy LaCivita and featured in Recruiting Trends on Oct 4, 2012. When the employment market changed drastically five years ago, so too did the recruiting and hiring practices across companies large and small. Those employers that were hiring sought individuals to fit specific functions and waited

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Hire the Best Talent

The SHRM study is rather alarming. While three of four employees won't actually change jobs in the upcoming year, it's important to note that many of your employees will evaluate other opportunities. In addition to the results cited above, Staffing.org's recent Staffing Index Survey found more than 80 percent of candidates were