Kara Dziedzic

Director of Operations

After fifteen years as an Information Technology and Management Consulting professional, Kara joined milewalk in 2009 as its Director of Operations. Bringing her experience implementing optimized business process and technology solutions, she applies that knowledge to help milewalk and its clients improve their internal infrastructure and employment needs. She and her team are responsible for milewalk’s marketing, sales, candidate recruitment & evaluation, and system infrastructure. She graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Management with a concentration in Management Information Systems.


Shynell Newell

Director of Marketing

After ten years in various sales capacities, Shynell joined milewalk in 2010 as its Senior Sourcing Specialist. After serving as the Director of Sourcing, she transitioned to managing milewalk’s marketing activities. She and her team are responsible for evaluating the marketplace for prospective milewalk clients as well as public relations opportunities for the organization and its founder. Shynell graduated from Drake University with a degree in Public Relations and Mass Communication with a concentration in Sociology.


Rhonda Gettelman

Director of Recruiting

After eight years of Technology Consulting and Financial Service-related roles, Rhonda joined milewalk in 2013 as its Director of Recruiting. She uses her broad knowledge of process design, project management, and human performance across a wide range of business and technology solutions to help her candidates and clients achieve their employment goals. She and her team are responsible for milewalk’s candidate recruitment and evaluation. Rhonda graduated from American University with a Business Administration degree in International Marketing.