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Andrew LaCivita

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Fast Facts

From: Chicago, IL
Job: Founder & Chief Executive Officer of milewalk and milewalk Academy
Blog: Tips for Work and Life®, my Top 100 HR and Careers Blog
Inspiration: Today’s Line to Live By®, my self-developed, daily inspirational quote
Press: Newsroom has press releases and media appearances
Speaking: Topics include Employment, Leadership, and Motivation
Media Kits: Interview Intervention, Out of Reach but in Sight, The Hiring Prophecies

64-Word Biography

I’m an internationally recognized executive recruiter, award-winning author, speaker, trainer, founder and chief executive officer of milewalk. I’ve dedicated my career to helping people and companies realize their potential, consulting to more than two hundred organizations and counseling more than eleven thousand individuals. I’m a trusted media resource and author of Interview InterventionOut of Reach but in Sight, and The Hiring Prophecies.

Biography for People with Long Attention Spans

I try to keep my LinkedIn Profile updated because some folks want to know where I went to High School (Fenwick High School, Oak Park, IL—Go Friars!) or College (B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Iowa State University). Others want to know where I worked after I graduated college (Accenture for ten years). You can find all this and much more on LinkedIn.

Two-Word Vocations

I trimmed my “elevator pitches” to two-words. Everyone should be able to explain what they do in no more than one verb and one noun.


  • Motivate People
  • Recruit People
  • Optimize Companies
  • Support Media
  • Write Books
  • Blog Posts
  • Give Speeches
  • Provide Training

Tips for Work and Life®

In addition to being a recruitment leader, I serve as a virtual coach to hundreds of thousands of people via my content. I’m obsessed with helping people and companies become their best selves.

I write two posts every week for my blog Tips for Work and Life®. This past year, WittyParrot and NewCareer101 cited my blog as a Top 100 HR Blog and Top 100 Job Search Blog, respectively. I also develop digital content, including eBooks, Workbooks, Templates, Tools, and Audio and Video Training Courses that is available via the milewalk Academy.

On a daily basis, you can enjoy my Today’s Line to Live By®, which is a self-developed inspirational quote. I circulate them on the Tips for Work and Life® Blog as well as my Facebook Author Page, Twitter Feed, and LinkedIn Updates. The book is coming soon!

Appearances and Speaking Topics

In addition to being a trusted media resource for the employment market, I speak to various-sized organizations, universities, and for-profit and non-profit groups on employment and motivational topics such as Recruitment & Hiring, Employee Management, Building High-Performance Teams, Job Searching, Career Management, Leadership and Self-Improvement. You can find more information on the milewalk website’s Speaking and Newsroom pages.

Media Kits

The media absolutely loves packaged material related to an author or speaker’s books. For my media and blogger friends as well as anyone interested in speaking with me, I’ve prepared some goodies for you. Whether you want to speak with me casually or formally, over the phone or with makeup on my face, you can find those kits on the milewalk site for Interview Intervention, Out of Reach but in Sight, and The Hiring Prophecies.


I was recently married to Lynda, the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. In addition to serving as a loving husband, I am a butler to two Dachshunds named Harley and Ginger. I’m really not sure how I managed to live without the three of them.

Contact Information

Unless you don’t have a computer or a bunch of broken fingers, you’ll be able to contact me via: