Ever wonder why winners always seem to win? You might think it’s because they have talent or are lucky. It’s not. I think talent is extremely overrated next to a great, smart work ethic. I’m also certain that—as someone who’s reading this—you’ve heard many “definitions” of the word luck. I’ve actually created my very own (that I’m guessing you haven’t heard):

Luck. Noun. (ˈlək). Working tirelessly behind the scenes before appearing for the final act to deliver magical results; typically viewed by an audience who watches in amazement questioning why they can’t achieve the same simply by attending the show.

Maybe you agree. Perhaps not. One thing I know for certain is that attitude, outlook, and effort have far more to do with happiness and success than talent, gifts, or whatever other biological, inheritable, or divine interventions you can imagine.

Let’s take a “He Said/She Said” look at the different thoughts of winners and losers.

The Lawn

Loser: “Wow. My neighbor’s grass is so much greener than mine.” Winner: “My neighbor’s grass is really nice and green. I’m happy for him. I’m guessing if I fertilize and water mine, it’ll be greener. I must have just neglected it for a while.”

I Can’t Get No…

Loser: “She better give me that otherwise I won’t be satisfied.” Winner: “I can’t believe how much I already have. I’m so satisfied.”

Honey, Have You Seen My Map?

Loser: “I can’t believe I’m 37 years old and this is as far as I’ve gotten in my life.” Winner: “I can’t believe I’ve accomplished so much and I’m only 37 years old. I can’t believe how far I’ve come.”

Where’s the Starting Line for the Rat Race?

Loser: “I’ll never be as good as she is.” Winner: “I’ll find the one thing that I do best. The one thing where I’m so far out in front no one can even see me. I’ll just do that.”

I Flunked Math—Especially That Pesky Addition and Subtraction

Loser: “I can’t believe what I’ve lost.” Winner: “I can’t believe what I have (left).”

Can Someone Please Hand Me My Rose-Colored Glasses?

Loser: “What a horrible experience.” Winner: “Wow. I can’t believe how much I just learned from that experience.”

Have You Ever Seen the Inside of a Healthclub?

Loser: “Struggling stinks.” Winner: “I can’t believe how strong I’ll be once I get through these struggles. Keep pushing.”

Whoever Said “Failure is Not an Option” Never Achieved Anything!

Loser: “I’m a failure.” Winner: “There’s no such thing as “failure.” I’m always producing results of some kind.”

I Was a Fortuneteller in Another Life.

Loser: “I’ll probably lose.” Winner: “No matter what the scoreboard says, I won (something).”

No. I Really Was a Fortuneteller.

Loser: “I just knew it wouldn’t turn out right.” Winner: “Huh? My expectations must have been based on faulty information or assumptions. That was a great experience even though it didn’t turn out like I thought it would.”

Did Someone Remove the High Wire Net?

Loser: “Nothing better go wrong.” Winner: “My backup plans have backup plans.”

Have You Seen What Happens to a Superball When You Bounce It?

Loser: “I’ll never be able to get up after that fall.” Winner: “There’s nothing that can keep me from getting back up. Absolutely nothing.”

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