Does your resume say, “Hi, my name’s Andrew. I’m a [whatever you are]?”

Or, does your resume say, “Hi Ms. Recruiter. This is how your company is about to change—for the better! You’ve been waiting for me. I’m here now?”

You might be wondering, Coach, how am I supposed to say the latter if I don’t know what the company wants?

To which I’d say, “You do know. You’re just prolly not spending any time thinking about it. And, likely not spending any time writing that in your resume.”

It’s easy breezy when you know what to think, how to think, what to ask yourself, and where the answers to the questions you just asked yourself go on the resume.

You guessed it because I’m a pleaser not a teaser. Enjoy this video and podcast on 3 Ways to Make Your Resume More Powerful!



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Andrew LaCivita is a world-leading career and leadership coach and award-winning author of Interview Intervention and The Hiring Prophecies. Throughout his career, he has helped 350 companies and over 60,000 individuals across 100 countries realize their potential. He frequently serves as a trusted media resource for outlets such as ABC, Fox Business, and Business Insider. You can join him at the milewalk Academy and catch him weekly for free Live Office Hours on his YouTube Channel.