Worried about age discrimination? Job career expert and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita as he discusses age discrimination: how to overcome it in a job interview!

40’s, 50’s, 60’s…

For all you folks in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s who email me and call me every day frantic you’re part of the over the hill crowd…Don’t worry!

As someone who does this every day of my life and has consulted to more than 200 companies during my career, I want to share ageism or age discrimination is more rare than you think.

Don’t get me wrong. When you’re in that job interview, you need to be able to justify your higher wages. But, in the job interview, compensation is really not the issue.

There are three mental hurdles, barriers, biases, or whatever you want to call them that are typically present in those interviewers. Let’s review those and I’ll teach you how to overcome them.

The biases…

The interviewer is more likely thinking your skills are stale or you’re set in your ways or you don’t want to learn anything new. These biases are much more prevalent obstacles for you.

The 3 tactics because all good things come in 3s…

You can overcome those biases with your energy, currency, and attitude.

  1. Your vibrancy: Emit a thousand watts.

When you walk in the (interview) room, you need to be emitting positive, good energy. You are a light bulb! Emit those thousand watts.

Anyone sitting in that room, when you’re done with them, should want to race out and go conquer the world.

For some of you more low key types, you might need to do some jumping jacks before you get in the room. Do whatever you need to do to get that energy going. Smile. Smile for real. Just make sure you’re bringing it.

  1. Your responses to their job interview questions: Be current.

When responding to their questions, your examples and experience needs to be current—as in the techniques and tools you use. Use examples that are current.

If your processes or techniques or tactics are outdated or stale, you’re in trouble. If you’re not current, get current. Start researching and studying up on the latest and greatest.

  1. Your awesome attitude: Be overt and share your interest in learning new techniques.

Make sure you outwardly express your interest and excitement for learning new stuff. You crave new tactics, new methods, and want to be on the current edge.

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