Career Stagnation

4 Most Devastating Career Behaviors

Careers limp along or are dismantled because of behaviors, not decisions. You might fall into the trap of thinking you made a poor choice here or joined the wrong company there. Others endlessly ponder position changes or promotions they forwent. I assure you, those mini decisions (as major as you think they are) cause minor-league damage compared to the big boy stuff I’m about to share.

Feeling Stuck? Approach it Like A Beginner

Fear is learned. If you need proof, simply look at a child. Youths are unknowingly courageous in everything they do—until taught not to be. Elders smother them daily with “helpful” expressions of the “be careful” or “please ask permission first” variety that eventually roll into “you better not receive a B grade”

The Secret to Avoid Career Stagnation

I’m currently an executive recruiter—haven’t always been and might not always be. For the last decade or so, however, it’s what I’ve done every day. In 2004, after spending the previous seventeen years as an Information Technology and Management Consultant, I opened an executive recruitment firm called milewalk. The important thing to