6 Most Important Words When Negotiating Your Job Offer

When negotiating your job offer, there is a single factor that supersedes the rest that includes these six most important words. It actually makes no difference what you’re negotiating. That factor remains the same assuming you want whatever’s being negotiated to actually benefit both parties. Anything that doesn’t benefit both parties isn’t even worth negotiating.

8 Keys to Understanding Your Compensation Package – Free Download

One of the most critical aspects in evaluating your current professional financial worth is to fully understand your compensation package. This goes well beyond the often easily understood salary or hourly wage and the sometimes not-so-easily understood bonus program. Enjoy this free download to help you gather your complete compensation picture!

Does Your Company Pay for Performance?

In an environment of lean workforces and overworked employees, companies face significant challenges keeping their staff motivated. This is a special concern as it relates to top performers. Employers simply cannot afford to lose them. To address these issues, many leading companies are transforming themselves into "Pay for Performance” organizations. The concept