Turn “You’re Overqualified” into “You’re Hired!”

Today, I’m running through the “You’re overqualified,” scenario which, unfortunately, all-too-many job seekers hear. I mean, if they think this, why are they even talking to you? It’s a veiled concern about your fit or salary or whatever. We all know it. But, does that mean we need to throw in the towel? You know I’m all about the art of the possible…

6 Very Difficult Job Interview Questions Answered

Every week, I meet individually with 15-18 people to help them with their job searches, interviews, and salary negotiations. Inevitably, I get questions such as… "Coach, I had this interview. The recruiter talked the entire time. Didn’t ask me a single question. What should I have done?” “Andy, the interviewer started the interview with ‘What questions do you have for me?’ and I wasn’t sure what to do! Why would they do that?” “How should I answer a question like, ‘Why shouldn’t we hire you?’” You get the idea. Let’s put these and other odd situations to bed once and for all!

5 Ways to Get Paid More Salary When Interviewing

Why do we even have budgeted salaries? Why ask about expected salaries? Well, companies and people think this saves time. I think it helps you miss opportunities as an employer or employee. What should YOU do instead of focusing on these expectations when you enter an interview process as a job candidate? Learn the 5 most important variables at play when it comes to pay…