Job Interview

Great Questions to Ask in a Job Interview to Gauge a Company’s Culture

Ever want to dig into how a company actually operates? As in, how they truly behave? That’d be a good thing to do if you’re job interviewing, I’d think. You don’t want to be joining a company you won’t like! First question: Do you even know what kind of culture works for you? Let’s say you do. Can you get over your freshly-inflicted bruises that tend to shine overly-bright lights on recent issues at the expense of investigating all the other cultural traits you want? You know what I mean…

How to Change Your Tactics When Job Interviewing with an Executive

When interviewing with a senior executive, you need to be ready for different types of encounters. Whether the interviewer asks you, “What questions do you have for me?” or “Why should be hire you?” or “How will you make us a better company?” or “Tell me how you did that project?” the good ol’ storytelling tactics you typically use to explain your projects, what you do, and how you do it won’t be enough.