12 Things to Do During College to Get the Life You Want

According to the Institute of Education Services, over 21 million students will attend an American college or university this year. Assuming there are roughly twice as many nail-biting parents concerned their sons and daughters might complete their education four years older and none the wiser, I’d like to offer some ideas to

Your Social Media Platform: 7 Steps to Building a Strong Reputation

Social Power. Klout Score. True Reach. Network Influence. Amplification Probability. Does any of this really matter? It only matters to people who blog or tweet for a living. If you have no idea what I just said, feel free to give me an eye roll and keep reading… What can matter, however,

Time for a Social Media Shower?

Social media is fun! You can stay connected with your friends, laugh at the funniest videos, post the most outrageous pictures, find a job, locate a restaurant, and reconnect with old friends. The list is endless! Another thing that’s endless—is its memory. Unfortunately for you, the Internet and its social playmates have

You’re Only as Strong as Your Network–4 Keys to Building Relationships!

Those that follow my posts know I love a little tongue-in-cheek with a dash of exaggeration-for-effect. You’re obviously not technically only as strong as your network, but throughout your entire career (or life) no other aspect will influence your success as much as your network. This network can be personal or professional,

Just graduated? Use These 9 Tips to Jumpstart Your Job Search!

Times have certainly changed. When I graduated from college in the late ‘80s, the biggest struggle my friends and I had was choosing among our handful of job offers. Today’s market has more than “eradicated” those “struggles” of yesteryear. Trust me, my friends and I were no different than you are. Times