9 Worst Job Search Mistakes by Recent College Graduates

As young adults about to enter the day-in-and-day-out lifestyle, you’ll quickly discover there are basically three types of people in this world: those that don't, those that do, and those that do effectively. You’ll need to be part of the latter group to succeed at your very first professional job search. The

You’re Only as Strong as Your Network–4 Keys to Building Relationships!

Those that follow my posts know I love a little tongue-in-cheek with a dash of exaggeration-for-effect. You’re obviously not technically only as strong as your network, but throughout your entire career (or life) no other aspect will influence your success as much as your network. This network can be personal or professional,

Just graduated? Use These 9 Tips to Jumpstart Your Job Search!

Times have certainly changed. When I graduated from college in the late ‘80s, the biggest struggle my friends and I had was choosing among our handful of job offers. Today’s market has more than “eradicated” those “struggles” of yesteryear. Trust me, my friends and I were no different than you are. Times

College Graduates Should Not Be Unemployed: 3 Things You Should Have Done in School but Didn’t

Last year I had the chance to speak with FM WRHU in New York. The station is affiliated with Hofstra University, so as you can imagine the topics centered on recent college graduates and their ability to find work in their field of study. I carefully monitor the Bureau of Labor Statistics’