How to Evaluate a Job Offer

Ever get a job offer and think “Ooooh. All that money. I’m just gonna take it?” Not. So. Fast. Today, we are the sum total of the decisions of our yesterdays. Don’t get technical on me. Yes. I know some were born with a silver spoon. Others came from the school of hard knocks. Whoever you are. Wherever you started. You are a byproduct of your decisions. The longer term you think, the better short-term decisions you make that eventually pile up to a high mountain of long-term goodness!

How the Job Description Helps You Ace the Interview | Case Study in Advanced Techniques

Ever wonder what you can glean from the employer's job description right before your interview? A LOT! Join me for this very detailed walk-through of how to consider your situation, what to look for in the job description to know what the interviewer will ask, what job stories you should use, and exactly how to assemble the pieces of your interview answers!

How to Choose the Right Job Interview Stories

Ever have difficulty deciding which interview story to tell? You get asked a question and you’re left to choose the example you give. Should I choose a recent story? But, the oldie from 20 years ago is truly a goodie. Longer one? Maybe shorter is better. Go strategic? Tactical? Should I try to showcase one big talent? A few good talents?