Salary Negotiation

5 Ways to Get Paid More Salary When Interviewing

Why do we even have budgeted salaries? Why ask about expected salaries? Well, companies and people think this saves time. I think it helps you miss opportunities as an employer or employee. What should YOU do instead of focusing on these expectations when you enter an interview process as a job candidate? Learn the 5 most important variables at play when it comes to pay…

Salary Negotiation Tactics That Get You Paid More!

Inside today's video on salary negotiation, I hit over a dozen tips, tricks, tactics, and secrets related to the Dos and Don’ts of building your negotiation power. I cover BEFORE the process starts, continue to when you actually start, during the job interviews, at the true negotiation, and, of course, round it out with your inevitable counteroffer on your way to the bank.