How about a Complimentary Job Interview Preparation Guide? – Free Download

Download this free job interview preparation guide to make sure you can conduct research to surface critical employer information, share compelling stories during the job interviews that contain the six key qualities that make them believable and memorable, respond successfully to the fourteen most effective job interview questions, sell yourself and gather intelligence through effective question asking, close the interview to ensure the interviewer wants to hire you, and learn to properly thank the interviewers with a thank-you note that helps sell you.

3 Absolute Musts to Provide the Best Customer Service

Ever wonder why some companies lead their industry while others as always seem to be chasing them? It’s simple really. It usually comes down to a few key areas customers considers important. Every human being on the planet wants a nice product and great service. Of course, they need to be able to afford whatever you’re providing. The value is critical. Overall, however, we can strip it all down to these three absolute musts to provide the best customer service.

8 Keys to Understanding Your Compensation Package – Free Download

One of the most critical aspects in evaluating your current professional financial worth is to fully understand your compensation package. This goes well beyond the often easily understood salary or hourly wage and the sometimes not-so-easily understood bonus program. Enjoy this free download to help you gather your complete compensation picture!

How to Answer the Greatest Weakness Job Interview Question

You can admit it. Your stomach does rollercoaster maneuvers when you get the greatest weakness question in a job interview. I realize there are many job interviewers who think this question yields valuable information. I would rather learn how you could add value to the company. That contribution is more telling than

In 4 Minutes Become the Most Memorable Job Candidate

I’ve coached many people in my lifetime. Some call me spooky (I’m not). Others call me prescient (maybe). Some say they trust me completely and will do whatever I advise (I’m flattered). That flattery likely comes from the fact they remember me. Nothing more. You can certainly debate whether my advice was