Goal Setting

The Secret to Avoid Career Stagnation

I’m currently an executive recruiter—haven’t always been and might not always be. For the last decade or so, however, it’s what I’ve done every day. In 2004, after spending the previous seventeen years as an Information Technology and Management Consultant, I opened an executive recruitment firm called milewalk. The important thing to

14 Motivational Thoughts

Many of you likely don't know that in addition to covering hiring, employment, career management and job searching, I also publish material on self-help related topics. Here are 14 motivational thoughts for 2014 that might help you achieve greatness in your work and personal lives. That greatness can look like whatever you

How to Figure Out Your Purpose in Life in Fewer Than 600 Words

It appears as though for some it’s hardwired at birth—already soldered into that circuit board many call a brain. For others, it appears in a flash, as if during some particular instant “it” decided this was the moment to appear. Although disguised as a purpose, I call the latter passion—a love you