How to Win the Job Interview for a Role That Isn’t Defined

Sometimes, you’re interviewing and you’re not quite clear what the goal is. They might not be clear either. But, you know you like each other enough to start dancing even though you don’t know all the steps. Whatever the scenario, I have the formula for exactly what you can do to win the day. My formula has a bunch of stuff I want you to do and at least three things I do not want you to do…

7 Powerful Perspectives to Transform Your Career and Life

Perspective. That one thing actually changes the way you approach, well, everything. Perspective when it comes to gratitude has a way of providing you an overarching head start on life. There are perspectives, however, that go along with different aspects of your career and life that can trip you up. Hence, why I needed to cover 7 of them in today’s lesson.