I’ve seen over a half-million resumes during my career and have a great trick for college students and recent graduates to ensure their resumes stand out. Below are This One Trick Will Make Your College Resume Stand Out video and podcast highlights!

PRELUDE: If you didn’t see How To Build The Ultimate Professional Resume, check it out for many more details, which overlap with collegiate resumes.

This trick helps overcome the most common resume mistake: placing a worthless objective statement at the top of the resume.

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Remember, your resume has one goal: To entice a prospective employer to speak with you. This requires you to show what you offer, not ask for what you want.

Even starting with your education doesn’t buy you much because employers care about so much more than your schooling.

The Trick: At the top of your resume, include a Profile of you. This is a quick snapshot of you as a person and soon-to-be full-time professional. Your goal is to provide a one-paragraph, high-level overview of you as a student and part-time worker. This helps employers develop of picture in their minds regarding who you are and what’s forthcoming in your resume. You want to entice them. Keep in mind; this is your “sales copy” of you to get them interested!

Example: State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Psychology minor. Held various summer jobs and internships focusing on sales support activities. Served on several university and fraternal committees. Built additional sales-related capabilities via school fundraising activities and other volunteering efforts.

You want to include reference to these four items:

  1. School
  2. Major/Degree
  3. Work Experience Generalize
  4. Extracurriculars

The benefits:

  • Appears more professional than collegiate to the employer.
  • Demonstrates maturity, which is currently one of the biggest complaints by employers regarding college graduates’ lack of readiness for the workforce.
  • Builds excitement for the employer as they start to review your resume.
  • Provides an element of uniqueness because very few do this.

See the video, podcast, or transcript for more details.

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