As part of Interview Intervention: Communication That Gets You Hired, I included what I consider the 14 most effective job interview questions an employer can ask a job candidate. While there are loads of great interviewing techniques and questions, I feel it’s important to balance time and effectiveness when determining whether a candidate and employer relationship will be strong long-term.

I’d like to emphasize that point by adding that individually there might be more effective questions, but when these 14 questions are asked collectively–throughout your interview process–they will yield a comprehensive view of the candidate’s overall fit in the least amount of time.

I provided more color as I released each of them through the blog, but thought it might be nice to cap it off with a comprehensive list. I hope you enjoyed them!

  1. Why would you leave your current company?
  2. Why do you want to join our company?
  3. What unique skills do you offer?
  4. How will you benefit from joining our company?
  5. What is the first act you’ll perform when you start?
  6. If you were still working here three years from now, what do you think your most significant contribution would be?
  7. Describe a situation when you and a coworker disagreed.
  8. Describe an ambiguous situation that you organized, resolved, or executed.
  9. Describe a situation when something went wrong.
  10. How do you educate yourself?
  11. How would your coworkers describe you?
  12. What motivates you?
  13. Do you prefer working as part of a team or by yourself?
  14. Describe your ideal boss.