It’s January and the world is full of new projects, new budgets, new inspirations, short-lived resolutions and a host of fun feelings that (typically) make it the most active hiring and career changing month of the year.

From my seat, companies are hiring like crazy or would be if they could find the right job candidates. Help those companies realize you’re the right one by avoiding these four most devastating career behaviors.

Before we dive in, I want to stress something.

Careers limp along or are dismantled because of behaviors, not decisions. You might fall into the trap of thinking you made a poor choice here or joined the wrong company there. Others endlessly ponder position changes or promotions they forwent (yes, that is a word and it’s the first and last time I will ever use it).

I assure you, those mini decisions (as major as you think they are) cause minor-league damage compared to the big boy stuff I’m about to share. Let’s have at it…

Mine. Mine. Mine.

Not sharing…as in your pencils, crayons, thoughts, ideas, so on and so forth. Your unwillingness to share your time and knowledge is one of the most limiting factors in your progression. People who subscribe to a scarcity mentally will never—ever—outpace people who believe in the abundance theory (nay the genius marketing people who use scarcity to get customers to buy your products). There is enough for everyone and then some in this world. Share and keep sharing. You’ll be amazed at what you can create for others and yourself.

I don’t like today. I think I’ll live tomorrow instead.

Not living, uh, working, for today. Know what makes you happy and never let that be at the mercy of something that doesn’t. Don’t worry about where you’ll be in five years. I hate to tell you this, but you stink at predicting your future. Everyone does. Others are even worse at predicting your future. Want a sure bet? Focus on having fun doing what you’re doing today. You’ll do it better, surface more opportunities in the process, recognize what you love, and, hey presto, you’ll be happier. Read How to Figure Out Your Purpose in Life in Fewer than 600 Words.

I think I have myopia, hyperopia, and a bunch of other ‘opias.

Not effectively managing your daily and lifelong clock. I can’t get over the fact that most people think they will accomplish more in one day but less over their lifetimes. Think about it. How many times have you thought you could get that project done faster, run an extra errand, or whatever? Most overinflate the number of daily duties they can handle. If you’re willing to squeeze so much into one minute or hour or day, why can’t you climb several mountains during your lifetime? Write that book, build that business, and shoot for whatever star you want to reach. Read Out of Reach but in Sight to learn how. In fact, until 7:00 AM CST January 12, 2016, you can click this link and get the eBook free!

Who’s Captain Kirk?

Not embracing the unknown. Contrary to what most people think, they’d likely be happier living by the motto “to boldly go where no man has gone before.” But, at least you should shoot for, “to boldly go where I’ve never gone before.” You can only evolve in your career or life by doing things you’ve never done. Growth starts at the edge of your comfort zone and continues outside of it. A ten-year career doing the same thing means you have a one-year career ten times. Get out! Explore!

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As always, I’d love to hear from you: What do you think are the most limiting career behaviors?