You’ve found the right profession and love your employer. Congratulations! You rank in the top 10% of happiest employed people. Even so, you can’t seem to accelerate your career at the speed you’d like. Can anyone?

If you believe you’ve been built for greater success at a higher level but aren’t sure why you’re not getting a promotion, check out the usual “upward-moving career” killers:

You’re not clear on your goals

Whether your boss or company has effectively outlined it for you, make sure you understand what success looks like. Sometimes, organizations aren’t sure what constitutes success. Make every effort to ensure you and your boss mutually understand your performance metrics and goals.

You’re out of sync with your boss

It’s one thing to misunderstand your goals; it’s another to be completely out of sync with your boss. Make every effort to understand the way he or she ticks, and tailor your communication and interaction appropriately.

You’re doing only what’s expected

The last time I checked, doing what’s expected of you makes you blend into invisibility. No one notices unless you stand out, good or bad. Go beyond the usual day-to-day responsibilities. If you can’t figure out a way to go beyond, then produce more of what’s expected.

You’re surfacing issues, not solutions

In every job that’s ever existed and every job that will exist for all time there will be daily problems. Some of these issues are strategic while others are mundane. When you need help resolving these issues, make an attempt to offer solutions. This will help stimulate the thinking around your office as opposed to dragging down your boss and coworkers by your poor attitude.

You’re not engaging

This is a two-fer. You’re not behaving in an engaging manner, which causes people to avoid you. You’re not engaging in the goings-on of the company activities, extracurriculars, and so on. Either way, you’re still invisible.

You only focus on the small picture

The higher-ups think beyond their roles. They think on a macro-level and are constantly reevaluating the way the pieces work together. When you’re at the bottom of the ladder, learn how what you do fits into the other areas. Never stop until you’re the one who’s responsible for moving all the chess pieces.

You’ve never been on a drama diet

Drama gluttons never get anywhere in life other than tired. Let it go. Be positive.

What are your biggest career stoppers?