Over the past few years, I’ve written several articles for college students, very recent college graduates, and young professionals.

Putting the words and lessons to, uh, paper has caused me to reflect on how I would have lived my life differently had someone provided me three decades worth of experience on day one of my first full-time job.

Of course, there’s no substitute for actual experience, but I’m confident this bundle of wisdom will help you sidestep a number of personal and professional landmines.

Don’t be concerned. There will be plenty of other explosions you won’t be able to avoid. Life wouldn’t be any fun if it were smooth sailing all the way. If it were, you’d never know how truly awesome you can be.

I decided to package this free giveaway titled The Ultimate 22-Year-Old’s Survival Guide for Work and Life to get you started down the right path. Inside you’ll find guidance in several areas such as:

  • Taking action during college to set up the life you want
  • Developing and build a winning attitude for life
  • Building your own mentor
  • Figuring out your purpose in life
  • Designing a killer resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Jumpstarting a successful job search
  • Avoiding key job search mistakes
  • Negotiating your job offer
  • Understanding effective and timeless communication techniques
  • Learning great professional and personal etiquette
  • Staying focused

Just click the picture to enjoy your free download!

The Ultimate 22-Year-Old's Survival Guide to Work and Life