Many of you likely don’t know that in addition to covering hiring, employment, career management and job searching, I also publish material on self-help related topics. Here are 14 motivational thoughts for 2014 that might help you achieve greatness in your work and personal lives. That greatness can look like whatever you want it to. In fact, it should look like only what you want it to…

14. You can’t hire a ghostwriter for your life (even though people try). When you write your life’s story, don’t hand someone else the pen.

13. Don’t listen to anyone who says, “Failure is not an option.” Why isn’t it? When you start something, failure shouldn’t just be AN option; it should be your most probable outcome. If it’s not, you’re shooting too low and won’t go anywhere in life. If you do, you’ll get there slowly. Very. Slowly.

12. Most people want the shine without the grind. Next time you’re impressed with something someone does, try imagining what he or she did in private to get that way. You won’t be close to accurate, but it’s a start. Sweat is the perfume of life. Get moving or get old.

11. While we’re all created equal, we don’t live equally. Your motivation level and willingness to work smartly might take you places, but you’ll never reach your true measure until you learn to think independently and choose your own actions.

10. The only way to exceed “expectations” is to actually ignore them and do what you know you can instead.

9. Observers don’t make history. They read about it. If you want to matter, you need to get dirty. Find the nearest mud pile and dive in. The dirtier you get the better.

8. Make your decisions quickly. When you’re wrong, you’ll find out sooner and can change it before anyone notices. Waiting invites onlookers who not only get to observe you’re wrong, but chuckle at the fact that you took the time to think to be wrong. Ouch.

7. If you let yourself get sidetracked at least once every day–on purpose–you’ll usually do something awesome. Try it.

6. Don’t be persuaded by what you perceive as “stability.” People don’t seem to grasp the fact that they are more likely to fail at something they don’t love instead of something they do. Give it a try and remember your two desires to feel safe and accepted are the ones that most enslave you to a life of mediocrity and boredom.

5. Before you set out to do something great, instead of thinking about what it takes to achieve it think first about what you’re willing to give up to achieve it. That’s actually a better place to start.

4. Once you truly accept yourself for who you are, that means flaws and all, no one can use anything against you.

3. Life’s most natural adversary is not some distant death you can’t imagine, but living detached from the present moment that is your reality.

2. Don’t ever dim your own light because you think it will hurt someone else’s eyes.

1. I try to live every day of my life growing into a person the world couldn’t imagine living without—even if I do this one person at a time. I hope you do too…