Coming at you today with a more-powerful-than-usual talk about success.

Hard work might get you there. Might.

But, after working with and observing about a bajillion people, I’ve learned why some just seem to have it all and others live in a state of wonderment.


That one thing actually changes the way you approach, well, everything.

Perspective when it comes to gratitude has a way of providing you an overarching head start on life.

There are perspectives, however, that go along with different aspects of your career and life that can trip you up.

Hence, why I needed to cover 7 of them in today’s lesson.

By simply changing your perspective in the way you look at something you can ignite a fire in yourself that wasn’t there a minute ago.

Inside this video, I hit reasons why you don’t start new challenges or improve your skills.

I covered resources you should never forget whenever you make any decision and just how dang close you are to a person that’ll change your life (even when you think you have no network).

I didn’t stop there!

I went through time wasters that drag you down (they’re not social media) and safety nets and more.

I hope you enjoy! It’s a doozy!



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Andrew LaCivita is a world-leading career and leadership coach and award-winning author of Interview Intervention and The Hiring Prophecies. Throughout his career, he has helped 350 companies and over 60,000 individuals across 100 countries realize their potential. He frequently serves as a trusted media resource for outlets such as ABC, Fox Business, and Business Insider. You can join him at the milewalk Academy and catch him weekly for free Live Office Hours on his YouTube Channel.