Do you feel like you’re not making progress? Do you pile up achievements, but you don’t feel successful or happy?

You’re in luck today because I’m going to help you feel better and successful with how to reflect your way to success.

One of the biggest sources of these types of feelings is lack of reflection. People simply don’t reflect on their lives.

Most are happy to worry endlessly about all they have not done or have not accomplished or still need to do. It’s a rare few who actually take the time daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to consider their moments.

No matter how many accomplishments or goals you rack up, you’ll never feel successful unless you take the time to reflect.

The point is to (just) look back and not be tempted (during this exercise) to look forward. You can look forward later.

I designed a 15-question guide called the Annual Career Reflection Guide for Success (because I had to name it something) to help you most effectively reflect and feel good about yourself!


The truth is you can use it daily if you’d like or weekly or whatever.

There are eight key areas:

  1. Moments
  2. Accomplishments
  3. Challenges
  4. Lessons
  5. More Of
  6. Less Of
  7. Unnecessary worries
  8. Thankfulness 

Bonus Section and Giveaways!

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