Having trouble with your job hunt? Why not expand your techniques to boss hunt as well?

If you’re running into roadblocks in your job search, you’ll need to augment your techniques. Imagine those silly gatekeepers and HR specialists sifting through your one-page-advertisement sheet as they swipe by so they can rifle through the other 299 applicants and call it a day. Ain’t gonna happen.

Well, you’re in luck because I have a technique that only a rare few use—boss hunting.

Actually, this technique will benefit anyone in these situations:

  1. You’re stuck in your job search.
  2. You simply want to add another tool to your job-search arsenal.
  3. You want to expand your professional network and need an opener to meet someone.
  4. You want some cool cover letter templates.

First, make sure you know which career, companies, roles, and so forth you truly want. I have a fantastic, free workshop called Transform Your Career: Mastering the 3 Personal Drives That Lead to Career Fulfillment coming up on October 27th. It will help you get on the right track.

Second, I’m assuming you’re also targeting companies and searching the job boards per How To Target the Best Companies in Your Job Search. Check out the video, podcast, and downloads (Best & Fastest Growing Companies Lists and My Favorite Job Boards List).

Now, let’s get to boss hunting.

The goal is to increase your chances of success by adding another dimension to your search!

It’s about finding the person or a person you can contact.

I’m not going through the techniques to find the boss. If you know the company or see an open role, you should be able to LinkedIn or Google your way to finding her or him or them.

It doesn’t need to be the exact boss overseeing the area. Any authority figure or the head honcho should do for your purposes.

You might also stumble across an attractive person (career-wise people!) via your research. That’s just as good. It doesn’t matter whether his or her company is hiring or has an open role. This is about people contacting!

Send that person an email with your resume. Don’t know what to say? No sweat. I wrote it for you. Grab the download The Boss-Hunting Cover Letter. It’s heart-melting. I promise.

Download the Boss-Hunting Cover Letters

Don’t forget about my four-sentence cover letter too!

Do not be concerned if you’ve already sent your resume into the ATS abyss. (Here’s how to bypass the ATS. You knew I’d have something on that subject. Don’t lie.)

Most companies don’t communicate well even if they only have twenty employees. The HR specialist might not have gotten to yours. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little extra love or referral from within the organization.

Think about it. What’s better? A personal email to someone telling him or her you are a not-so-secret admirer or clumsily plopping your information into a robotic, cold-hearted ATS?

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