It’s safe to say most people in the world prefer a better job than their current one. I know this because I’ve spent every day of the last dozen years or so asking people if they would.

Some folks seem to enjoy their jobs and aren’t particularly motivated to leave (even though our latest survey shows 91.6% would leave for the right opportunity). Others would simply like a better job. But, a great majority would love to land a job that excites them.

Perhaps you were so close, but didn’t get the job offer. Maybe you’re not sure where to start or aren’t appropriately credentialed. Have you ever paused to truly consider what to do when you can’t get the job you want?

I considered making this a “list style” post such as the Eight Things to Do When You Can’t Get the Job You Want! I think, however, it boils down to three major points related to your mindset regarding this issue.

It’s all about attitude, right?

I’m sure some smart, wise souls will tell you to adjust your attitude and (lower your) expectations. Forget that. Settling for average is a personal choice. You’re not average. You’re a winner. Keep your expectations high! Just make sure to maintain a positive outlook irrespective of the bumps and bruises you’re about to endure.

What do winners do?

Winners take action. They focus incessantly on what they can control and don’t waste any time on nonsense they can’t control. So, take action. Research the industry, companies, and credentials you’ll need. Map out and build your network, ask for introductions, and aggressively pursue any avenues to get your foot in the door.

Is that a building or a rocket ship?

The number one, most important aspect in this process is to realize you join a company. You do not join a job. Join the right company and there will be plenty of fantastic opportunities for you. Get a great job with a poor company and you’ll need to reread this post in the very near future.

Do whatever you can to get into the company that presents the best longer-term options for you. Perhaps start a rung or two lower on the corporate ladder. This is not settling. This is taking smart action to get onto the path you want.

You might be familiar with Sheryl Sandberg. She’s currently the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and a fellow Virgo. She gave quite a wonderful speech a few years back to her alma mater, Harvard, where she recollected some excellent career advice Eric Schmidt gave her—if you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.

There are several other, wonderful tactics I’ve outlined regarding an effective job search. Start with the Art of a Successful Job Search and go from there!

As always, I’d love to hear from you: What are your recommendations whenever you can’t get the job you want?

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