Not getting callbacks from the employers when you send out your resume? Join career expert and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita as he discusses 8 great tips to prove your value on your resume!

I could have titled this post 8 Great Tips to Prove Your Value to Your Employer

Before you non-job-seekers cut out me, this post very accurately could have been titled 8 Great Tips to Prove Your Value to Your Employer. So, stay tuned.

Let’s be honest. How many times do we need to remind our own employers of our awesomeness? I don’t know about you, but I seem to need to remind my guy every day because he can’t remember a thing.

What’s the problem?

Think about the problem. You’re sending out your resume and employers aren’t calling you back. Ouch. [I’ve already explained why that is in How to Get Your Resume Noticed in 5 Seconds Guaranteed.]

Although recruiters are a funky bunch and review those resumes quickly, they do notice an impact player when they see one. So, how do we get you to SHOW you’re that impact player?

First, you need a great layout…

I’ve shot other videos on showing your fabulousness on your resume. (C’mon people. I can’t show you everything in one 10-minute video!)

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C’mon buddy. Where are my 8 Tips?

Think about what employers care about. Who makes an impact in their organization? People who these things…

  1. Generate revenue. Employers love people who generate revenue. Do you generate revenue, profits, and acquire new customers? (Check the video for more commentary on this. I won’t say this again for everyone because I hate repeating myself. You get it.)
  1. Improve market and brand awareness. Hey marketing-type folks! Are you creating a better-known brand? Measure it any way you can. Is your company getting more inquiries or email addresses? Is your website traffic increasing due to content marketing? Google Analytics anyone?
  1. Customer attraction and leads. Inside sellers or anyone on the front end of sales can be opening doors. You might not be closing the deal for your company, but you’re filling your sales pipeline. Any lead generation works. Managing a booth at an industry fair? Are you collecting business cards or starting a customer or partnership relationship?
  1. Customer happiness. Service people can rejoice! Maybe you’re a call center operator and helping people who call in because your product or service is broken. You fix it. Voila! What are your customer satisfaction scores? What is your customer retention rate? What about renewals and renewal rate?
  1. Corporate growth and security. Let’s not forget the executives. Have you done anything related to supporting an Initial Public Offering, acquisition, divestiture, etc. Is your corporate and online security safer?
  1. Employee happiness. Human resources, recruiters, and all who manage employees can focus on happiness. What are those employee satisfaction scores? Are your employees staying? Is your attrition bad or is your tenure really, really great? Are your recruitment numbers good? Are they healthy? Are your people progressing through their careers and going through the ranks and staying with you because you offer such great opportunities?
  1. Cost reduction. Yeah baby!! Let’s save some money! Did you do anything to save your company money? That could be anything. It could be optimizing a system that makes you run more efficiently. It could be reducing expenses. Processes you do faster save money.
  1. Process efficiency. Optimize anything lately? I mean anything?!? Did you optimize a process that lets the rest of the employees do their job easier or faster? Maybe you’re an accountant who figured out a way to reduce your company’s month-end closing cycle from fifteen days to seven days. That saves money. It probably reduces mistakes too. All of that stuff is gold on a resume.

But, Andy, I don’t do those activities at work…

Sure you don’t. If you’re thinking there’s no way I can come up with something like this…

Are you a hostess? How many people do you care for and seat and service each night? Over the course of the year?

Are you a mail carrier? How many houses do you deliver the mail to? How many pounds of mail? How many square miles do you cover every single day, year in and year out?

Are you a mechanic? How many cars have you fixed within the last year?

Are you a project manager? What’s the size of the project budget? Did you complete it on time? How many people did you manage? How many people did you coach? How many people did you mentor?

We could go all day, but I have a time limit and word count limit and your attention span limit.


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