How to Notice Red Flags When You’re Evaluating an Employer?

Is that a red flag or a yellow flag? Our initial reactions to anything, many times based on false info, can set us in the wrong direction quickly. When you know WHAT to look at and HOW to look at it and WHAT to ask and HOW to ask it, you’ll learn what you need to make an educated decision about whether you want to apply for or take the job.

What You Need to Know About Using Notes in a Job Interview

Should I? Shouldn’t I? Paper? iPad? Computer? Can I read my interview answers? Can I read my interview questions? Can I write stuff down when the interviewer is talking? How am I going to remember everything? Notes. During a job interview that is. If I CAN use them, how should I use them? Join me for this video to learn all this and then some.

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions | Plus Sample Answers

You'll learn a bulletproof technique to ensure the interviewer loves you. And, I'll share exactly why I DO NOT suggest ever using the star technique to answer behavioral interview questions. It's simply too risky and why take the chance when you can be certain using a much better technique! You'll also learn the best way to answer the question "about a time when you disagreed with someone." I know it's a tricky one, but not for you anymore!