Feeling appreciated?

Getting those pats on the back from your boss?

Plenty of dollars in your paycheck?


See you in a few days.

If not, maybe you need to brush up on making your case to your employer.

You have a resume, don’t you?

That tells your current or future employer what you can do for them.

It doesn’t inform them of what you’re worth.

You need a little business case to do that.

Just like your resume, an up-to-date one of these business cases should accompany you every minute of your professional life.


There are obviously many ways to prove your value.

For instance, you could leave a relationship and your former partner might realize your value from your absence.

(Let’s not cover the part where your partner notices, by your absence, they “overvalued” you. This happens equally as much as the former. Ouch.)

Today, let’s stay on the active side of making your case as to what you’re worth to your current or future employer.

Here are five of the most powerful ways to make your case…

Past Performance = Value Realized Through Achievements. Evaluate your track record of achievements, projects completed, and their impact on the organization’s goals. Consider quantitative and qualitative measures, such as increased revenue, cost savings, process improvements, or successful launches.

Future Value = Projected Contributions and Benefits. Evaluate your projected value based on continuation of your current set of responsibilities, an accumulation of additional responsibilities, and involvement in brand new initiatives projected to increase value for your company.

Replacement Cost = Market Demand Assessment of Your Skills. Research the job market to determine the demand for professionals with your skill set and expertise. Consider factors like job openings, salaries, and the need for your role in various industries.

Brand = Reputation and Trust Built Internally and Externally. Determine the cache your company and team realize internally or externally as a result of you being there. There is a great deal of trust and (positive) political capital you’ve earned by delivering on your commitments and providing great service.

Influence = Elevated Performance of Team and Colleagues. What happened to the others around you as a result of you being you? Detail your role in leading projects, managing teams, collaborating with others, and contributing to a positive work environment.


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Either way, I hope you enjoyed this digest and I’ll see you soon!



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Andrew LaCivita is a world-leading career and leadership coach and award-winning author of Interview Intervention and The Hiring Prophecies. Throughout his career, he has helped 350 companies and over 60,000 individuals across 100 countries realize their potential. He frequently serves as a trusted media resource for outlets such as ABC, Fox Business, and Business Insider. You can join him at the milewalk Academy and catch him weekly for free Live Office Hours on his YouTube Channel.