Professional Etiquette

10 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job Interview

Have you ever been in a job interview where you needed to balance that queasy feeling in your stomach? I’m not speaking about the one from your nerves. I mean the sudden dizziness induced by your excessive eyebrow raising as you continually thought that question was odd. Oftentimes, job candidates overlook an

9 Worst Job Search Mistakes by Recent College Graduates

As young adults about to enter the day-in-and-day-out lifestyle, you’ll quickly discover there are basically three types of people in this world: those that don't, those that do, and those that do effectively. You’ll need to be part of the latter group to succeed at your very first professional job search. The

Time for a Social Media Shower?

Social media is fun! You can stay connected with your friends, laugh at the funniest videos, post the most outrageous pictures, find a job, locate a restaurant, and reconnect with old friends. The list is endless! Another thing that’s endless—is its memory. Unfortunately for you, the Internet and its social playmates have

Should You Tell Your Boss You’re Unhappy?

I’ve written before—several times—regarding bosses and their relationships with their subordinates. If you’ve seen those articles, you’re familiar with one of my “favorite” statistics related to that relationship. This particular statistic comes from feedback from more than 11,000 candidates my company milewalk has interviewed: four out of five employees have cited their

Top 12 Professional Etiquette Tips for New College Graduates (or Anyone for That Matter)

At milewalk, over the last few years, we have interacted more with recent college graduates and young professionals than in our previous years. It’s a sign that the employment market is gaining strides and top talent is difficult to find no matter how senior or junior your positions might be. I thought